Lost Shores Thunder Rally


Special thanks to our 2021 sponsors and advertisers including the following 

Mike Kelloway, MP Cape Breton-Canso

Fin Armsworthy, Guysborough Municipal Councillor for Canso

Greg Morrow, Guysborough-Tracadie MLA

Dave Hanhams, Guysborough Municipal councillor

Canso Seafoods

Fisherman’s Market

Tate Construction

Bayview Excavating

Cooks Courier

East Coast Hydraulics

Brian George Trucking

Maritime Launch Services

JGB Seafood Fisheries Handling

Robins Gas & Donuts

Canso Co-op

2019 Gold Sponsor – Dave Myatt. Dave made it his business to provide an amazing brand new sound system. All out of the goodness of a big heart. That’s Dave on the far right. Talk about a hometown hero. Hear the soundtrack at the following Facebook link.


Yes, we would be delighted to have sponsor support from your organization. We’re still new at this and take your feedback and counsel as part of our learning curve. Please offer suggestions on how we can best serve your interests and earn your support.

For further details, questions, please contact rob@lostshores.ca. Payment will be on the registration page and we’ll work out the rest of the details by email.