Lost Shores Thunder Rally

Poker Run

The Lost Shores Loop is a delightful 85 km low traffic, largely oceanfront loop. Add 3 spokes and we have a very pleasant 160 km route with 3 lookoff stops and 2 beach stops.

We’ll rumble out of Canso around 1030 on Hwy 16, aka Lost Shores Parkway, and make our first stop at the Lookoff in Half Way Cove, about 40 km. You’re right on the edge here, the edge of a huge faultline. You’ll pass the beautiful Queensport lighthouse and continue up the shore. The deep water near shore attracts some really big fish. If it’s calm, expect to see whales and tuna breaching the surface as they fatten up for winter on the rich diet of mackerel. Look up and you’re almost certain to see a bald eagle enjoying a similar diet.

After the Lookoff we’ll rumble into Guysborough and pick up ‘lunch to go’. Choices include Avery’s Independent grocery store, Robins Donuts, pre-ordering at Days Gone By Bakery and Big G’s Pizza. Choices and contact info on the event site page. Then it’s on to Boylston Provincial Park. They’re opening the campground gate just for you folks so you can enjoy the hilltop vista of Guysborough Harbour and Chedabucto Bay. Enjoy the view, enjoy your lunch.

From Boylston Park, we’ll rumble back through Guysborough (remember, 2 rights and 1 left) and head to Tor Bay. A couple km after Guysborough, we’ll turn right on Larrys River Road. We’ll have signs to mark the turn. Caution, there’s a very sharp turn immediately after the Salmon River bridge. Yeah, go super slow, there might be some gravel on the pavement. Then it’s up the hill and over the barrens and down into Larrys River. Go straight ahead and you’ll now be on Hwy 316 for a few more km to the turn to Tor Bay. Go left at the T intersection and head out to Tor Bay Provincial Park. Want to walk barefoot in some super fine white sand? Stroll the boardwalk and try it out.

After Tor Bay, we’ll head back to Larrys River on Hwy 316 and go right at the bridge. Hopefully you will find yourself on brand new asphalt (hey, it’s an election year, right?) and head to the church at the top of the hill in Port Felix for our 4th stop. Enjoy the view of the Sugar Islands where the Savalette family from France fished long before there were any permanent European settlements in North America. There is a brand new commemorative site across the street from the church.

After Port Felix, we’ll head to Black Duck Cove for stop #5. Continue on Hwy 316 to Hwy 16 in Half Island Cove. Go right at the T intersection and head east on Hwy 16 to Hazel Hill. Take a right turn and head to Little Dover. Keep going all the way through the village and turn left at the Black Duck Cove Park across from the ballfields and tennis courts. Here a boardwalk offers a short hike around the point and back to another beautiful sand beach.

Then we finish up the ride by heading back out to Hwy 16 and turn right to rumble back into Canso. We’ll be busy preparing supper, maybe relax, maybe challenge some friends to a friendly game of washer toss and a delicious feast of roast pig.